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At Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney we have been in business for 20 years so we know exactly what you need for your stay. And thanks to this we’re one of the youth hostels Sydney can truly be proud of! We make it our business to give you everything you might need – from secure lockers to free Internet access and travel advice.

Here’s our quick checklist if you are planning to stay in youth hostels in Sydney – and it applies to pretty much anywhere:


Bring your own towels. They are available but to be sure you should always have a towel in your rucksack in case the youth hostel runs out. If you are travelling really light you could invest in a pack towel. This saves a huge amount of space in your rucksack and can be washed easily.


If you’re travelling always have your own toiletries. Sounds obvious, but as a youth hostel you won’t be finding those complimentary shower gels and shampoos in your rooms.

Bed Linen

There should always be complimentary linen. It could be a full set of sheets and duvet – or a simple sheet-style sleeping bag. Some people like to bring their own – you can easily make a simple sleeping bag liner from a sheet or buy yourself one. And make sure the youth hostel has a laundry and will let you use it.


Always pack a padlock; not all youth hostels have secure lockers. Your padlock can be used on room doors and lockers to secure your gear. Ask anyone who has stayed in a youth hotel in Sydney, they’ll tell you people forget to pack this item all the time!

Cooking Utensils and Plates

Don’t be packing everything and the kitchen sink! You shouldn’t go short of the basics, such as pots and pans, although you might have to do some washing up. When large groups are visiting you can expect there to be a shortage so it’s good to bring the basics. We’d recommend a simple knife, fork, spoon set from a camping shop. Most times you’ll be fine for cups and plates, but you could bring one of each to be sure.

Jolly Swagman Backpackers Hostel in Sydney provides good quality rooms at low rates. Check Availability now.