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Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney can book you the cheapest possible training courses (RSA, RCG, OHS) in Sydney.

If you are looking for a job in Sydney in the Hospitality or Construction industry you need to complete a government-approved training course. Once you complete the course and have the qualification, you maximise your opportunity for getting a job. The Jolly Swagman Backpackers Accommodation has a relationship with the cheapest and most efficient companies for completing your training.


If you are looking for work in the Hospitality industry – in particular bar work, or working in licensed restaurants you may be required to complete a training course:

RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol. This is a compulsory training course for the service of alcohol in bars and restaurants. We book the RSA for guests regularly and availability is generally very good – Your more than welcome to book your RSA for a specific date before you arrive to stay with us at the Jolly Swagman backpackers Hostel.

RCG – Responsible Conduct of Gambling. This is a compulsory training course for establishments with gambling machines. Many pubs and clubs in Australia have gaming machines so it is extremely beneficial to have this qualification when applying for jobs.

There are other training courses like Bar skills courses and barista training courses.



Working on a building site may require a general Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (OH&S).

This is sometimes referred to as a “Green” Card or “White” Card. This is required for contractors, labourers, trades people, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, supervisors, project managers etc.