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Learn about working in a Backpackers in Sydney from the Jolly Crew.

In this video, we meet the staff members of the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney and find out what its like on the OTHER side of the desk. This video is perfect for any traveller who has ever been curious about working at a backpackers hostel.

Meet the Jolly Swagman crew! Our enthusiastic staff loves working at our Sydney hostel. What better way to earn some bucks (or money towards accommodation) than to surround yourself with people from all over the world? Our staff is constantly meeting new friends who share the same love for travelling. Rather than sitting at a boring desk in a quiet office, why not work in an environment full of enthusiastic young backpackers? It’s always fun to learn about other cultures and you may even make a friend for life!

Wanting to travel but not sure if you can afford accommodations? Most hostels hire backpackers to help with things like cleaning rooms, preparing breakfast, working the front desk and event planning. You can always email or call your hostel before your trip to see if they need any jobs filled during your stay. Since travellers are always coming and going jobs are constantly opening up. Trading work for accommodation is easy and it’s a great way to meet the backpackers you will be living with. If you’re interested in working at the Jolly Swagman during your adventures backpacking in Sydney, give us a call and ask about work opportunities. Even if there are not any positions available our staff loves to help travellers find work in the area. We even have a facebook page for job opportunities! Our staff is looking forward to meeting you during your stay in Sydney!