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Whats Sydney like? Is Sydney a good place to visit for Backpackers

We asked several backpackers staying in Sydney if they would recommend the city to other travellers. They told us some of their favourite things about Sydney and gave reasons why backpackers should add this to their list of places to see in Australia. Thinking of coming to Sydney? This is the video for you!

We wanted to find out how backpackers honestly felt about Sydney so that we could help future travellers decide if they should visit. It seems our Sydney backpackers all loved the city for different reasons. Some loved the art, culture and fast pace of the city while others preferred the beaches and the national parks. The city has so much history and it is packed full of museums and galleries outlining Australia’s convict past and it’s aboriginal heritage so you are certain to get a taste of what life was like for early Australians. It also has several must-see famous Australian attractions like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

There are people in Sydney from all over the world so you are certain to enjoy a diverse range of food as well, and who doesn’t like trying new food? The public transportation in Sydney is easy to navigate so it won’t be hard for you to see the entire city during your stay. Accommodation is also easy as there are backpackers hostels all over Sydney including the Jolly Swagman Backpackers in Kings Cross.

With a city so full of diversity there is certain to be something for everyone! If you’re still on the fence about whether to visit Sydney during your stay in Australia, feel free to contact the staff here at the Jolly Swagman with any other questions you may have. For more great travel videos hit the link to subscribe to JSBTV. #ILOVESYDNEY