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Tips for choosing the right airline and flight ticket for backpackers

If you are looking to book a flight ticket for your next travel adventure (and hopefully that adventure includes coming to stay with us at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney) then this episode of JSBTV is especially for you!

Flying is certainly a necessary evil when it comes to backpacking and travelling the world (insert having awesome travel adventures), but as you may or may not know, flying can be long and boring.

To help ease the pain of flying, make sure you book the right flight ticket with the airline that suits your needs!  Each airline and flight ticket offer different services, inclusions and allowances etc, so weighing this up against the price of the flight ticket should give you the best possible result when choosing the best flight ticket for you!

Today we have a veteran backpacker in Sydney, Kevin, joining us to share some of his tips and things you might want to consider when your research for booking your next flight ticket.

Enjoy (and see you when you get here!)