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Top Free things to do in Sydney (Part 1)

If you’re a Sydney backpacker on a budget wanting to get the most out of Sydney this video is for you! We’ve asked Meaghan, a backpacker in Sydney, her favourite free things to do in the city and she reveals them all in this 3 part series. Save your money and see all the things this amazing city has to offer!

One of the most famous and iconic places in Sydney (and perhaps the whole world) is the Sydney Opera House. Take an afternoon to tour the outside of the building and enjoy lunch (and a great view of the harbour) on the steps of the Opera house. Come back at night for a whole new view when the building lights up and shines white against the harbour. Grab your camera and get that perfect facebook picture in front of Sydney’s most famous piece of architecture.

The Sydney Royal Botanic Garden is just a few minutes walk from the Opera house and is the oldest botanic garden in Australia. Walking through the garden is absolutely free and you will get to observe thousands of tropical plants from Australia and around the world, you may even see a few native birds! Add the gardens to your morning jogging route or grab a guitar and play some tunes on one of the park benches. Either way, you are certain to forget you are in the city.

Ready for an afternoon in the sun? You can’t backpack in Sydney without checking out Bondi Beach. It is by far the most famous beach in Sydney and is packed full of beach goers from around the world. Make new friends while working on your tan or try catching that perfect wave. Public transportation to Bondi is easy and once you get to the beach, getting kissed by the sun is absolutely free!

Sydney is a diverse home to people from all over the world. So make sure to take a walk through China town during your stay. There are so many interesting shops and places to see in China town and, if you get hungry, there are many inexpensive places to grab a bite to eat. You may even try something new!

If you are visiting Sydney we encourage you to check out these places and enjoy all of the sights that this wonderful city has to offer. Make sure to ask the friendly staff at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers if you have any questions on planning your free and fun adventures in Sydney.

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