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Tips on How to Pack your Backpack!

If you are a new backpacker, or a traveller who always seems to have the heaviest backpack, you might find these tips and tricks from Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney useful for packing for your next adventure.

First and foremost don’t procrastinate packing your bag, especially on longer trips. You want to make sure you have the things you need so that your journey is stress and worry free. Leaving yourself extra time to pack also helps eliminate unnecessary items. Plan ahead on important things like prescription drugs. If you know you are traveling for a year bring a year supply so that you don’t have to worry about refilling it in a different country. Leave items behind that you don’t need. Ask yourself “is this something I will use every few days or will it sit in my suitcase untouched?” Many backpackers find that bringing your favorite outfits eliminates the chance of carrying clothes you wont wear. Plan for all 4 seasons. Bring at least one warm outfit and also pack for warm weather as well. And don’t forget those shower flip flops!

Picking the right backpack is also important. Try to find one that has a top opening as well as a front zipper. The front zipper makes staying organized and re-packing easy. In addition, leave yourself extra room in your bag for items you acquire along the way. Make sure to bring a lock for storing important items in your hostel locker. You can also use this lock on your backpack zippers when you are on overnight trains so you can sleep without worrying about theft. Put your heavy items like hiking boots at the bottom of your pack so it isn’t top heavy and try rolling your clothes so they pack smaller. You want your pack to be as light and comfortable as possible so that you can travel with ease.

A lot of backpackers also find it useful to pack a smaller bag for day trips. You don’t want to have to lug a giant backpack around on a day hike. The smaller bag can also be used as a carry on for your flight. Airlines regularly lose bags so having your necessary toiletries and a change of clothes with you on the flight is a good way to assure you wont be stuck empty handed in the event your luggage is lost. But leave enough room in your main bag to put the smaller pack inside of it while traveling so you don’t have to carry two bags.

At the Jolly Swagman we are always showing people the way to the post office. Why?  Because many travelers want to send home the extra belongings that they brought but did not need. Pack light and pack sensible so that you can backpack Sydney with ease. Happy travelling and we hope to see you soon!