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Q and A for Backpackers by Backpackers in Sydney

Today we have a Backpacking Q and A by experienced backpackers living in Sydney. If you have questions about backpacking, being far away from home or seeing new places, who better to give you the inside scoop than our travelling friends at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney?

It’s normal to have questions when you find yourself at the beginning of a new adventure. We gathered a great crew of experienced backpackers in Sydney and asked them questions about travelling, backpacking, hostels, love, food and much more. Some of the questions are serious and others were just for fun. You may find that you had similar questions or that you answered the questions the same as our travellers did.

We live in a modern world, so it’s natural to have questions about ways to stay in touch with family back home. Questions about facebook, skype or WhatsApp are some of the most common questions people ask when going abroad. You’ll find that it’s easy to stay in touch while backpacking in Sydney and that most hostels, including the Jolly Swagman Backpackers, offer free wifi so it’s easy to connect with far-away-friends.

Think you might be interested in an Australian romance? We asked our backpackers questions about hostel love life as well. Our backpackers gave us the full scoop and it looks like love is in the air at our Sydney hostel! We also wanted to know about our backpackers roommate picks and if they had a preference for the top or bottom bunk. Think you might answer our questions the same?

Wondering what the favourite inexpensive meal is while travelling? It looks like pasta is the top pick! You’ll find a good bag of pasta for about a dollar and tomato sauce for two bucks more at some of the neighbourhood grocery stores in Kings Cross, Sydney. That’s a meal for about a dollar a bowl!

If you have questions about backpacking and travelling or just want to meet some current travellers, you might find these answers useful. Feel free to pick up the phone too and give us a call at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers to find answers to your own travelling questions.