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How to Make Friends While Staying in a Backpackers Hostel

In this lesson, we go back to the basics and learn how to make friends while travelling. Staying in a backpackers hostel makes it so easy to meet people, especially if you follow these friend-making strategies.

In this episode, we meet Danielle, a backpacker at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney. She’s an experienced traveller whose got all the tricks on making new friends. Follow her advice and you’ll be popular in no time!

Making friends is so easy at our Sydney hostel. From the moment you walk in the door there are dozens of backpackers waiting to spark up a conversation. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself! Sometimes we aren’t the only shy person in the room and being the first to say hello is a good ice breaker. A hand shake and a smile goes a long way. There are lots of easy conversation starters to ask backpackers like “where are you from?” or “how long have you been staying here?” Ask someone a few questions and you might be surprised how quickly you become friends.

One of the best things about staying in a hostel is that there are so many community activities going on. Don’t be a hermit and stay in your room, get in on the fun! Going to the nightly events, bars or barbeques helps you meet the other backpackers staying in your hostel. You might even get a free meal or drink out of it.

Hang out in the common areas! It’s really hard to make friends if you hide out in your room. Come grab a table or a bean bag by the television and say hello to the people around you. Most people are friendly and you might even meet your next BFF! There’s friends to be made everywhere you go. Hungry? Cook a meal in the hostel kitchen, there are probably prospective friends in there too. Need some fresh air? Have a breather with the backpackers in front of your hostel. It’s so easy to make friends while travelling, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Remember that attitude is everything. If you enter a room with a smile and a positive attitude you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you meet people. Radiate positivity and you will never be short on friends. If you’re planning on backpacking in Sydney and need a friendly place to lay your head, make sure to contact the Jolly Swagman backpackers. We have a friendly staff waiting to help you begin your journey of friend making around the globe.