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How to make friends in a Backpackers by Backpackers

If anyone knows how to make friends while travelling, it’s backpackers! Most backpackers travel alone so they need to be open to meeting new people and making friends.   

If you are worried about making friends while travelling, Don’t be! We are here to help. We have asked several of your friendly and experienced backpackers in Sydney about making friends and meeting people and it may be easier than you think. Most importantly, say hello! Introduce yourself to your roommates and the other backpackers in the hostel. Ask a few easy questions like “where are you from?” ice breaker “how long have you been here?” If you are shy with introductions try flashing those pearly whites while passing people in the hallways. Remember, a smile can go a long way and is an icebreaker when meeting new people. Also try being a little extra nice to the people sharing a hostel with you. Hold a door open for a backpacker with heavy bags, wash a plate for the person behind you in the dish line or help carry a grocery bag up the stairs for a person needing a hand. Going a little out of your way for someone else can go a long way when trying to make new friends.

Most hostels, including the Jolly Swagman Backpackers in Sydney, have nightly activities for backpackers. Attending these events is a wonderful way to meet people. Hostels can have quite a few backpackers staying in them on any given night and attending activities will help you get to know the people staying in other rooms.

Heading out for a hike or a day trip? Invite your room mates! A lot of backpackers haven’t planned activities for every day of the week. Your roommates or other backpackers may be looking for something to do. Now you don’t have to go alone, someone else got to share the experience and hey! you have made a new friend.

If you have a few extra hours during the day ask your friendly hostel staff if they have any jobs available. Working around the hostel is a wonderful way to meet other travelers. It also gives you a sense of pride and purpose in your new home and can often help cover your accommodations. It’s a win win. Sometimes you can even call or e-mail your hostel before arriving to ask for available positions.

Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong, you’ll have a great time on your backpacking adventure and you might even make a friend for life!