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How to spend only $50 per week living in Sydney!

Some people claim that living in Sydney as a backpacker is expensive. But today we are going to show you that your trip doesn’t have to be. Jamie, a backpacker at our Backpackers Sydney, gives you some tips and tricks on how you can enjoy Sydney spending only $50 a week and still have a great and memorable time!

As a backpacker in Sydney, it really helps if you are organised and plan ahead. Jamie plans her meals for the week and buys her fresh produce at the farmers market inside Paddy’s market every Sunday. Markets are a wonderful way to save a few bucks and still eat wholesome, healthy meals. Also, many grocery stores often offer discounted meat or produce that’s close to it’s expiry date. Usually you still have a few days to cook your discount buys before they go bad and it will save you some money on groceries. Keep an eye on the free shelf at your hostel as well. Many backpackers find themselves with extra food in the fridge when it comes time to check out. Rather than throwing it away they leave it for other travelers to enjoy. Take advantage of this and help yourself to anything that’s left behind in the designated ‘free food’ area at your Sydney hostel. Jamie reminds us to check our hostels nightly events as well for some free food options. Many hostels, including the Jolly Swagman Backpackers, have a free barbecue night. Eat for free and socialize with your new backpacker buddies? what could be better? Remember, most impulse meal buys happen because backpackers don’t plan ahead. Keep your dorm room fridge packed full of meal options and keep in the loop on dinner options through your hostel so you don’t throw money away eating out when hunger hits.

There’s so much to see in Sydney and checking out the sights doesn’t have to be expensive. Make sure to take advantage of the free things to do while backpacking in Sydney. Places like the Sydney Opera House and the Botanical gardens are free to visit. Stop at the front desk at your hostel and ask the staff about free tours and day trips. Hostels usually provide free maps marked with free and inexpensive sights in the area so make sure to grab one on your way out.

Try to walk places when possible to save some cash. Transportation can add up quickly but taking advantage of your own two feet is absolutely free! You may also find you get to see parts of the city you would miss on a train or in a taxi. Plus, you may find it isn’t just your wallet in great shape from all the walking and who doesn’t want to lose a pound or two while seeing a new city? If you are travelling somewhere too far to walk, consider travelling on Sundays when public transportation in Sydney maxes out at $2.50 per day.

Lastly, we all want to have a good time in Sydney but let’s keep the party going without ripping through our savings. A night out with friends can add up quickly but if you follow our party tips you can get your drink on for next to nothing. Grab a box of goon at one of the bottle shops in the area and enjoy 4 litres of wine for about 8 dollars. If you do get a craving to drink somewhere other than the hostel join your backpacker friends at the nightly free entry bar that most hostels promote on their events board. At the Jolly Swagman, we have a different club we go to every night with free entry and a free drink coupon.

Seeing Sydney is easier (and cheaper) than ever if you follow Jamie’s tips on living for $50 a week. Find backpacking tricks of your own and enjoy your next great adventure for next to nothing. For more great ideas on low-cost travel, subscribe to JSBTV or give us a call at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers in Sydney.