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How to keep your stuff safe while staying in a backpackers dorm room.

Scouse Alan shares some common sense tips for keeping your valuables safe while staying in a backpackers dormitory. Many people wonder how backpackers keep their belongings safe in a hostel dorm room when travelling, so Alan, a seasoned backpacker, shares his tips.

Alan recently had his whole backpack stolen whilst backpacking in India, so he knows the pain of having to deal with the hassle. Fortunately, in Sydney hostels, this rarely happens. But there is no harm in following Alan’s common sense tips whenever and wherever you are backpacking.

Hostel dorms usually have anywhere from 4-16 beds in a room. While most people are trustworthy, there are always a few bad apples no matter where you go. It’s important to remember this when sharing a room with other people. Leaving valuables out in the open might be too tempting for someone with sticky fingers. Once something goes missing, it can be difficult to name the culprit in a room with so many people. So expect the best while preparing for the worst and lock those valuables up! Almost every hostel, including the Jolly Swagman Backpackers, provides lockers in every room for backpackers. Put anything you aren’t willing to risk losing in your locker and lock it up! Make sure you pack a padlock so you don’t have to scramble to find one once you check into your hostel room.

Alan also reminds us that you can keep your day to day valuables in your pillowcase at night so that you don’t have to worry about locking them up at the end of a long day. Sleep in comfort knowing your wallet is right below your head. Whatever you decide to do with your valuables never take the chance leaving them out. You may think, ‘I’m just taking a shower, my phone will be fine out until I get back,’ but it only takes a minute for someone to snatch up something important.

Another thing to remember is never to loan money that you wouldn’t be willing to give away. If you can’t live without that money, don’t put it in someone else’s hands. People in hostels are travelling, they are constantly coming and going. If you give someone your hard earned money all they have to do is check out of the hostel and you might never see them again. Is that a risk you are willing to take?

Travelling is fun and usually worry free. So make sure to travel smart while backpacking in Sydney or anywhere else in the world. Lock up your valuables and enjoy the journey!