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How to get your 2nd Year Visa and Finding Farm Work

If you are planning to apply for your 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa you will need to find farm work (regional work).  This can be a tricky process and the reports we receive back from people who have tried are not always positive.   So, in response, today we are giving you some common sense advice on getting your 2nd year working holiday visa and how to find farm work.

Here are some helpful tips from the leading Sydney backpackers.

Finding Farm work (regional work) in Australia can and should be a fun experience.  If you follow our tips and advice you should be better equipped to find farm work easily and quickly and without problems.

Farm work can also be a great way for backpackers to earn some cash and experience the culture of regional Australia, think farmers, cowboys and kangaroos everywhere – whilst travelling and enjoying the beauty of Australia.

Farm work in Australia is often physically demanding – you are likely to get fit and keep trim, taut and terrific while completing your farm work.   Your body is your tool for making money, so you must look after your body.   This includes your skin (no sunburn please) your hands and your back (bend your knees to pick things up).

In the video, Meaghan offers some good advice on finding good farm work and regional jobs.

We strongly recommend that you know exactly what the farm work job is before you travel a long way to the farm to start work:

  • Is there a genuine farm job available and have you definitely got that job?
  • How many hours per week will you work on the farm and for how many days?
  • Are you clear on how the farm work is paid (is it hourly pay, piecemeal pay, daily rate? and is it reasonable?)
  • Is the farm work ongoing or just a short period like harvesting a single crop?
  • Are you in any way obliged to pay for anything (like accommodation) in order to get the farm work?
  • Have you spoken to and confirmed all details of the farm work the actual employer, the farmer?
  • Will the farmer sign your form (below) and is the farm located in the correct postcode and in the app industry (see below)

All the official terms and conditions for your farm work (and ensuring your efforts contribute toward the visa extension) can be found here in this link:

Remember to check out the postcode  and the industry of the work you are doing and ensure that both match with the requirements on the official form above (Warning:  details of the program may change, so do not refer to alternate non-official websites for this information – only the official Australian Government department of Immigration and Border Protection website and forms should be used).

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How to get your 2nd year working holiday visa for Australia


Hey guys, it’s Meaghan from the Jolly Swagman.

So you’ve decided that you’re going to do apply for your second-year visa in Australia – That’s great!

Now this video is going to teach you how to find your regional work, how to record it properly, and a couple of other things to keep in mind while you’re completing it.

Guys, watch out for scams. Some backpackers have been targeted on certain websites, so we advise everybody to be wary of paying any sort of money to secure their regional work or any sort of deposit on accommodation before arriving at your regional work.

A lot of you are probably also wondering where you’re supposed to find regional work.

Although there are a variety of different websites, there is a government funded website called Harvest Trail, and that will give you a list of all the available positions around Australia for Regional work.

Once you’ve found your regional work, you’ll need to keep track of it on a working holiday verification form. This can be found on the department of immigration and border protection website. This form also includes really important information that you need to know before completing your regional work -such as recognised postcodes as well as industries.

You can find a link to this form below.

Make sure to get a tax file number, and also make sure that your employer fills out an employer verification form. This not only states that you’ve worked for them, but also that you’ve completed your regional work.

Make sure that you’re being properly compensated for your work. Do some research into the wages offered in the industry that you’ve chosen and make sure that your wage is being fairly paid.

Be safe! If you think that there is anything dangerous or unsafe about the work that you’re being asked to do, remember that it’s your right to refuse!

Thank you for joining me. Now remember that regional work can be a really great experience, and the sooner you start, the sooner you finish. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, JSBTV and keep up with all the next travel updates.