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How to save money and eat cheaply while backpacking

Are you planning a trip on a budget? Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney want to help! There are many things to see and do while travelling and although tasting different foods is a great way to experience other cultures, eating out can get expensive. Here are a few tips to keep your belly and your wallet full.

The easiest way to save money on your adventures is to cook meals at your hostel. The Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney not only has a common kitchen area for preparing meals but also offers free breakfast and coffee. Grab groceries at one of the three shops in the neighbourhood and get your cook on in the kitchen at your home away from home. As an added bonus hanging out in common areas is a great way to make new friends (heck yes!).

When you do get a hankering for a dining out experience, utilise lunch specials and discounted food at food courts and markets. Most places discount food at closing time and you can always grab an extra for a late night snack. Self-service restaurants are a great choice as well because they are usually cheaper and don’t require a tip. Grab a bottle of wine (or a box of goon for our less experienced sommelier) and enjoy drinking a few at the hostel rather than spending big bucks at the night clubs. Staying at a backpacker hostel saves you money on accommodations, don’t throw away your savings eating at expensive restaurants. Dining out adds up quickly, so eat smart while backpacking in Sydney.






Hi, guys, it’s Sophie here from the Jolly Swagman, and I’m here to tell you how you can save money on food whilst traveling.

Step 1: cook for yourself. By cooking in the hostel, and going to the supermarket, you can create well-rounded meals. This is not only the cheaper option, but it’s also the healthiest.

Step 2 would be to choose a hostel with free breakfast. Hostels that include breakfast offer you cereal, toast, coffee and tea, so get up in the morning and make the most of the opportunity and save money on your morning meal.

Step 3 would be to make lunch your big meal out of the day. Get out and about to your local restaurants, you’ll find that they’ll probably have lunch specials. It’s also a really good chance to try the local cuisine.

Step 4 would be to swing by the local markets and food courts near closing time. Before closing time supermarkets and food courts usually have discounted food, so you can swing by and get a cheap evening meal or help towards your lunch the next day.

Step 5 is to save your leftovers and actually use them. If your hostel has a fridge, save your leftovers and you can have it as a late night snack or use it for lunch the next day.

Step 6 is to check the free food shelves in your hostel. Check the free food shelf in your hostel, this will help you save money on the little things, and you can put something extra towards your dinner.

Number 7, find other people to shop with. Cooking a meal with other people in your hostel is a really cheap way of eating and also a really good way of having a well-rounded meal. It also means you get to meet other people in your hostel.

Number 8, eat at places that are self-serve. Eating at self-service places like fast food restaurants and food courts are a great way to save money, cos there’s no service charge and you don’t have to tip.

Number 9, is eating less. You don’t want to go hungry, but cutting back on snacks and treats can save you a lot of money. The 2 or 3 dollars you spend on a bag of crisps can really add up at the end of the week.

Number 10, drink less. Remember you don’t have to go out every night. Why don’t you look for free events and festivals in the area and head down to those with your friends instead? That’s it for me today guys. Leave any suggestions and comments down below and happy travels!