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Does our Backpacker staff member get NAKED? Part 2 -The Reaction


Backpacking fun – For fun, we candidly filmed the reaction when Ryan saw that he had been chosen as the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney staff member that most backpackers wanted to see naked. Will he show us the goods? Find out now!

When the dust settled we got Ryan’s thoughts on the accolade of being chosen as the most desired to be naked. Of course, he wasn’t too surprised, with all the fluttering eyelashes and hair twirling that goes on when he enters a room. In fact, sometimes it’s just flat out hard work being as sexy as Ryan. He can’t bend over without being gawked at, travellers are always trying to follow him into the bathroom, backpackers don’t listen to what he’s saying because they are so awe-stricken by his blanket of chest hair. It’s a tough job! But Ryan has so humbly risen to the occasion and stepped fourth to bring sexy back at the Jolly Swagman.

Think you might have what it takes to get Ryan to take it off? Many have tried, few have been victorious. There’s only one place to get a chance to see his brass stallion in all it’s glory… the Jolly Swagman backpackers. Stop by during your adventures backpacking in Sydney and ask for Ryan. Have a question you need answered? Ryan might have an answer for you! If you don’t have a question, make one up (we won’t tell Ryan). Do his kisses taste like Irish whisky? Perhaps. Does that chest hair glimmer under the Australian sun? Find out for yourself when we see you at the Jolly Swagman!