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Are older backpackers welcome to stay in backpackers hostels?

It’s controversial, but we asked it – is there an age limit to staying in a backpackers? Are older people welcome to stay in Backpacker hostels? Do they fit in? 

Come and check out the best Sydney backpackers rates while you are here.

Backpackers come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and ages. That’s why backpacking is so much fun! At the Jolly Swagman we do NOT enforce any age limit on the guests that stay with us – everyone is welcome regardless of age – how young you are at heart is all we care about!

Controversially many other hostels have set age limits for their guests. This cuts into the diversity of the people staying there. We like our hostel to not only have a wide range of nationalities but also a wide range of ages as well. Sometimes older backpackers are the best people to talk to about travel tips because they have the most travelling experience.

Today we ask an older backpacker what its like to stay in a hostel and why he chooses to stay in a Sydney backpackers hostel instead of a hotel. He gave many of the same answers we’ve heard from the younger backpackers about cheap rooms, sightseeing tips, discounts and meeting lots of people. It seems the hostel environment isn’t just for youngsters and can be enjoyed by everyone!

If you’re a younger backpackers whose unsure if you want to share a hostel room with a more mature traveller we remind you that travelling is awesome! You probably won’t want to give up travelling when you are older either right? So someday you might be the oldest backpacker in your hostel. If the backpack still fits, wear it, right?

If you’re a backpacker in Sydney needing a roof over your head contact the Jolly Swagman and we’ll help you out. Come old, come young, come everyone!

BTW: Our staff member Rich is the composer, performer, producer, artist …….i.e. he did the music – enjoy!