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Travel Insurance Guide For Backpackers

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Arranging your family holiday or solo trip abroad involves a lot of planning and preparation, so booking your travel insurance should be as simple and straightforward as possible. With this guide, you can find out the basics of travel insurance to help you find the right policy quickly and with minimal fuss.

Families, couples and Backpackers

Your travel insurance should be tailored to suit your particular needs; whether you are travelling with your family, friends or by yourself. There are many different kinds of policies available these days and websites such as Expedia Travel Insurance can help you to sort through them all to find one that best suits your requirements. Multiple covers allows you to insurance more than one person under the same policy which can save you money if insuring a number of people at once. For those going it alone, your insurance can be made to fit your circumstances, such as how to contact home if something goes awry.

Activity insurance

For some people, lying on a beach for two weeks is the ideal holiday experience, but for others, they need a bit more excitement. If you are planning on taking part in any activities while you are away, make sure your family is properly covered before you start. Some event organisers and sporting activity companies will offer separate insurance that you can take up but for peace of mind, it is worth organising your own cover at home before you travel.

Cancellations, illness or injury

No one wants to think about the things that can go wrong while you are on holiday but the truth is these things happen. As a backpacker in Sydney, when you are travelling abroad and you or your loved one become ill or injured, it can save you valuable time and money if you have adequate insurance already in place. In countries that do not have free healthcare, hospital and doctor’s bills can run into the hundreds and getting funds transferred from back home can become a nightmare, so make sure you’re fully prepared for every eventuality before you travel.

Age-related policies

If you are of a certain age, you can now find travel insurance specifically designed for you. If you are put off the idea of travelling abroad due to medical conditions or accessibility, you can now cover you and your travelling companion with policies tailored to your needs that still give you complete cover. The same goes for any under 18s travelling with you – families with small children can now find travel insurance that takes their younger family members into account when offering you a quote.

Additional cover for unforeseen circumstances

In today’s unsteady climate, there have been more and more instances of companies going bust and leaving backpackers and holidaymakers stranded. When booking your travel insurance it may be worth considering these facts and adding some extra cover to your policy, just in case. Some travel insurance policies will now offer you cover to find you alternative accommodation or transport if your agency or travel company goes belly-up while you’re away.

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