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Top Ten Reasons For Sydney Backpackers To Travel to Australia Now – Part 1

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When Sydney Backpackers think about a trip to Australia, the first things that come to their minds are probably the bouncing kangaroos, exquisite beaches and the incredible weather. Besides these, Australia has so many things to offer that it will take you months and even years to discover its wonders. When you choose to go backpacking in Australia, you will certainly be amazed by its cultural and natural attractions.

1. Sunny, sunnier…the sunniest

As there are few days without the sunshine in Australia, this is the perfect destination for those backpackers who enjoy the delightful rays of the sun. You can easily travel back and forth from north to south when the weather gets chilly and thus experience endless days of sunshine. Thus, it really does not matter for Sydney Backpackers what season they arrive in, as they can enjoy the surfing, beaches, hiking and camping 365 days a year.

2. Practice That Aussie Slang

Even though English is the official language of Australia, this does not mean that locals speak it as in the US or the UK. The slang may put some problems even to native English speakers, so you may need to ask for a repeat now and then. Remember that an Aussie’s vocabulary can be so full of slang that you will think they speak another language.

3. The Aussie Food

Australia is famous for its ethnic diversity and this translates into an incredible variety of foods. Whether you are looking for Italian, Indian, Turkish, Spanish or Thai food, you’ll find it in Australia. Don’t miss the chance to taste the kangaroo lean meat, which can be found in restaurants across the country. A national favourite is the Vegemite, which you can find at virtually any food shop, supermarket or breakfast place in the country.

4. Enjoy the natural beauty

Reefs, waterfalls, mountains, sea…everything you may want on a trip can easily be found in Australia, not to count the numerous natural parks.

5. An Iconic Wildlife

The iconic creatures of Australia are kangaroos, wombats and koalas. Sydney Backpackers can discover these and more, whether in zoos or during trips into the wildlife.

Please check back very soon for the next 5 top reasons for backpackers to visit Australia!!

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