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Top 5 Topics To Talk About With Backpackers In Sydney Hostels

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As all backpackers in Sydney have experienced, the same topics of conversation crop up again and again. When you get chatting to a fellow traveller for the first time, there are the standard questions…’What’s your name?’, ‘Where are you from?’, ‘How long are you staying in this Sydney Backpackers?’, ‘Where have you been already?’, ‘What do you do at home?’, and then probably, ‘Sorry, what is your name again?’

Yes, these questions are all essential when sussing out someone for the first time, establishing whether you will have anything in common with them or if they are your ‘cup of tea’, but do you want some new, interesting and engaging topics to talk about? Well, read on…

Fraser Island horror stories

For those of you that have visited Fraser Island, you will have heard the dingo/snakes/sharks/ spider horror stories from your guides or even have a personal horror story to tell. This topic will instantly grab everyone’s attention and keep all your fellow Sydney Backpacker dorm-mates entertained ‘This one time…on Fraser Island…’

Weirdo backpacker dorm mates

Have you stayed wit a guy who ‘accidentally’ jumped into bed with you at 4 am? Or have you stayed with a hobo who stole your underwear? Horrendous at the time – yes – but also great to tell fellow backpackers about. Everyone loves a good horror story and will more than likely have one of their own to share too, whether it be about sleepwalkers, snorers, sleep talkers or nudists – always intriguing to hear about.

Words for the same thing

Flip flop vs thong, pepper vs capsicum, tap vs faucet – it is always fun to discuss the variations of words people from across the world have for the same thing, especially in other languages.


Asking people about their tattoos – what they mean, where they got them when they got them etc – is a fab way of getting to know people. Not only does a tattoo and the story behind getting it tell you a lot about a person, but it sparks conversation as well – your tattoo (if you have one), your friend’s tattoo, tattoo horror stories, the worst tattoo you have ever seen etc.

Stuff you miss from home

Yes, you are having the time of you life in the Sydney backpackers but it is also great to reminisce about home comforts – your mum’s cooking, a decent cup of tea, the current season of the X-Factor (or now ‘The Voice’), The Only Way is Essex, having your own room etc. Everyone has something to add to this conversation.


Everybody can chat about this bad boy! The food you love, food you hate, Australian food, British food, French food, German food, Brazilian food. You name it and everyone will have an opinion on it.

Activities to do in the city

Chatting to fellow backpackers is a handy way of finding out about what to do and what not to do in your new location. You plan to go to the zoo tomorrow, but after striking up a conversation with a dorm-mate, you find out that it is closed. Thank god for a good, old chat!

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