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Sydney For Beach Bums

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So you’ve just arrived in Sydney, and you’ve been told that Australia is all about surfing, beaches, and the sunshine. You brought your wetsuit and your board, and you’re ready to shred some waves, but there’s only one problem: where is the beach?! Many beach bums head straight up the coast in search for the swell, but that isn’t necessary. Sydney has many options of beautiful beaches and gnarly waves for all of you beach-goers, and they are all close by.

Sydney’s got many beaches to see, but the most popular would be Bondi, Coogee, and Manly. Bondi, which is only a bus ride away from Sydney CBD, is massive and always packed with Aussies and tourists. It’s full of things to do and see. There are heaps of surf shops, restaurants, bars and more to entertain you, not to mention a range of waves for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers. During the summer, this beach is protected by a shark net to make you feel safer as well. But stay on the north end of the beach if you’re swimming, the south is much more intense and therefore reserved for the surfers.

Coogee, which is much more low-key than Bondi, is still a sight to see. Perfect for all you beach bums, it’s got a great nightlife and full of locals and backpackers as well. There is a coastal trail (about 4km long) which takes you to Bondi, and it’s full of amazing scenery, that many backpackers thought they wouldn’t be able to find in Sydney.

The last beach that I will mention, which is also my personal favourite, is Manly beach. You could take a bus there, but many prefer the 30min  ferry from Circular Quay which only costs $7 one-way, and takes you all through Sydney Harbour to the Manly Wharf. The vibe is totally different than the rest of Sydney, Manly being its own community full of cool surfers and beach babes. Dotted with surf shops and ice cream parlours, Manly is a place you decided to see for a few days and end up staying for weeks. In the Summer, there are also surf competitions held here where world-class wave riders come down and surf Manly’s terrific swell. The reason most backpackers, and locals, love this beautiful and chilled out suburb is it’s totally carefree feel it has; where you feel like you’re in a whole new Australia, but still only a half an hour ferry from the busy city. It’s a must-see.

So if you are worried about coming to Sydney and losing your surfing skill, don’t worry! All of these beaches have plenty of hostels you can stay in and you can feel like you are completely out of the main CBD, while still being able to work in the city or visit when you need to. You’ll meet all the other backpackers who are starving for the ocean while keeping up with your tan. So hop on a bus, a ferry, or take the coastal walk and come see for yourself!

Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney is perfectly located near Sydney’s best beaches.

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