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Jolly Swagman Sydney Travel Company: Backpacking & Moving On

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As great as Sydney is, you didn’t come backpacking in Australia to just stay in one city, right? The great thing about backpacking is being able to be in one, two, three, maybe four different places every week, depending on your timescale. So it is important to make sure that you are clued up on where to visit as you leave Sydney and head up to Cairns or Darwin, over to Perth or Uluru, or down to Melbourne and Adelaide.

One of the best ways to get yourself and your trip sorted is to head to a Sydney Travel Company. There are many many of these around if you look for them, but if you are in Kings Cross, come along to the Jolly Swagman Sydney Travel Company for some really brilliant advice and great deals. They are able to give you advice on which trips to book and for how long dependent upon your time frame. They are also able to let you know which are the best backpacker hostels up the coast and recommend how to get there (by bus or campervan). They are able to book it all up for you and are also able to leave your bookings open dated so you are not so restricted. Perfect!

If travelling up the East Coast there are loads of amazing things to do and therefore loads to think about. Some of the activities that the Jolly Swagman Sydney Travel Company can book up for you are listed below…

Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef:

So so many amazing things to be seen snorkelling or diving out on the world famous Great Barrier Reef, it is a must on the East Coast. When booking your trip, think about how many people there are on your boat, how long you get to spend in the water, how many reefs you visit, and are they on the outer or inner reef. Is it a fast boat? Does it include food? Snorkelling or diving? Your Sydney Travel Company will shop around for you to make sure you get the trip that is perfect for you.

The Whitsunday Islands

Just off Airlie Beach, the Whitsunday Islands are absolutely beautiful, and visiting this little piece of heaven is a must-do activity. You can either go on a sailing boat, speed boat or a catamaran, depending on whether or not you want a relaxing time or to be thrown into the deep end (not literally!) on a sailing boat. You can also choose the length of your trip from a day trip to the 3 day/3 night trip; make sure you know what time your boat sets sail so that you get a full day out on the ocean. Remember to think about how many people there are on your boat and whether or not you want to party until the early hours or whether an early(ish) night is more up your street.

Frazer Island

The largest sand island in the World is a great thing to spend a good few dollars on when travelling down the East Coast. The most popular trip is a 4×4 tag along tour where driving 4x4s on the sand is the deal. There are a few backpacker hostels which offer this service so make sure that you pick the right one. Head to a Sydney Travel Company for some great advice and significantly cheaper deals than booking directly.

Heading up the East Coast is very exciting, but remember to get clued up before leaving Sydney to start the next part of your backpacking adventure. Head on down to your Jolly Swagman Sydney Travel Company for exclusive deals and great packages to help you keep the costs down and fun on an all time high!

Come and stay at Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney for an awesome backpacking experience.

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