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Ideas To Get Creative With Your Backpacking Memories

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Whether you’re a Sydney backpacker who has already been travelling and currently have hundreds of photos just sitting on your memory card, or you are in the process of planning your first backpacking trip, you’ll want to capture these once-in-a-lifetime travel memories in a special way.


So, ditch the photo album and get creative with your travel memories – here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration:


  1. Start a Backpacking scrapbook

A scrapbook is a perfect place to keep all the bits and pieces you pick up along the way on your backpacker’s adventure such as tickets, postcards and leaflet cuttings alongside your photos. Next to these, you can also write as much or little as you wish – perhaps just note down your favourite meals, the most memorable experiences, best locations, most interesting accommodation and the most interesting backpackers you meet – to give some background to the photos and items you have stuck in.

This is perfect to look back at memories (and also useful if you end up visiting the country again).


  1. Transform an everyday item into a memory

There are plenty of everyday items you can now add a photo to, so that each time you have a cup of tea, go to make a phone call or make a note on the calendar, you can smile as it brings back your backpacking memories.

Why not check out PhotoBox where you can get your favourite photo from the trip blown up and put on canvas or create a photo book?  With this service, you could even have it posted to your family or friends back home so they can enjoy your backpacking photography while you are away!


  1. Create a Travel video

Video footage is the perfect way to capture your trip – simply film this on your phone and use an app (such as iMovie) to edit it all together. This can then be uploaded to YouTube to share with friends and family as well as being the perfect place for you to watch it back whenever you wish. Get enough views and you could find you’re a successful travel vlogger in no time.


  1. Write a backpacking blog

If travel writing is your thing, set up a backpackers blog to document your experiences. It is great to look through photos, but you forget the small things – funny experiences, the people you met, day trips and so on. A blog allows you to write as much or little as you like and you can upload your photos alongside your words. Again, perfect to share with friends and look back on whenever you wish.


  1. Build a memory box

Make a travel memory box for each destination you visit – write the name of the destination on the outside and then fill the inside with anything interesting you picked up while you were there. This could include tickets, receipts, postcards or souvenirs.

Decorate it and not only will it look pretty on display, it will keep your travel mementoes organised in one place – you’ll feel awesome when you open it at a later date!

  1. Send postcards to yourself

Sending postcards seems a bit old-fashioned in a world of technology. Why would we waste money on a stamp, when we can send an e-mail or a Facebook message? How about sending postcards to yourself! Pick one from each location, and then write and post it to your home address. That way, when you get home, your doormat will be full of backpacker memories that you can sit and look through.  Retro as you like!

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