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Fun Backpackers Drinking Games

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Some of the favourite Sydney Backpackers drinking games and fun ways to make friends with backpackers you’ve never met before – assist in getting down the Goon – which really is pitiful stuff – drink responsibly but be cool by introducing someone new to one of these games!!

    1. What’s the name of the fucking game?
  1. Everyone makes up a ‘…Fuck’ name for themselves (e.g. Shitty Fuck, Blonde Fuck, Holy Fuck, Aussie Fuck)
  2. Everyone tells the group their name
  3. In rhythm and as a group, slap hands on thighs twice and clap hands twice whilst all singing ‘What’s the name of the fucking game, say what the fuck’. Keep this slap/clap rhythm going throughout the game
  4. The oldest person of the group begins

‘[Chosen name] Fuck, [Chosen name] Fuck, What about a [Different person’s name] Fuck’

For example…

Holy Fuck: ‘Holy Fuck, Holy Fuck. What about a Aussie Fuck?’

Aussie Fuck: ‘Aussie Fuck, Aussie Fuck. What about a Shitty Fuck?’

Shitty Fuck: ‘Shitty Fuck, Shitty Fuck. What about a Blonde Fuck?’ etc

If someone forgets a name/loses rhythm, drinking fines apply

Beer Pong

Required: 2 teams, Ping pong ball, 2+ people

Teams stand facing each other at either ends of a table

Each team fills cups of beer and places them in a triangle formation at their end of the table. Hitting your opponent’s cup earns you a point and requires the opponent to sip (5 sips to a cup). If you get the ball in your opponent’s cup, you are awarded 5 points and the opponent must drink whatever remains in the cup (excluding the ball).

Ring of Fire

Required: a pack of cards

1) Place a large cup in the middle of the group

2) Everyone adds some of their own drink to the cup in the middle

3) Spread cards (face down) out in a circle around the cup

4) Each player takes a turn to upturn a card

Each card represents a mini-game to play

Ace – “Waterfall” The Player who drew this card begins to chug, so then does everybody else. When the person who picked up the card stops drinking the person to their right can stop drinking. When that person stops drinking the person to their right can stop drinking.

2 – “You” The Player who drew this card selects someone who then must drink.

3 – “Me” The Player who drew this card must drink.

4 – “Whores” Girls drink.

5 – “Beer Bitch” The Player who drew this card is responsible for getting up to get people beer until another player picks up a five where that player then becomes the “Beer Bitch.”

6 – “Dicks” Boys drink.

7 – “Game of Sevens” Everyone in the circle says a number in succession and if a number of 7 or a multiple of 7 is the number which is to be said, the person must say “Fuck Me” or lose the game. When “Fuck Me” is said the direction of the flow reverses.

8 – “Mate” Pick a person to drink with you for the rest of the game.

9 – “Bust a Rhyme” The player who drew the 9 says a phrase, then the players go around in the circle saying phrases that rhyme with the original.

10 – “Categories” The player who drew the 10 picks a category (e.g “sports teams”). Players then go around in the circle saying items from that category. The first player who can not think of an item or says something not in the category (or if all items have been exhausted) must drink.

Jack – “Never Have I Ever” Go around circle playing Never Have I Ever. Drink each time you put down a finger. First person to put down all three fingers must take an extra drink, and the game continues.

Queen – “Question Master” Whoever draws this card becomes the “Question Master”. Whenever they ask you a question, you must answer their question with another question, or else not answer them at all. If you answer a question with a statement, you must take one drink. This person is the “Question Master” until someone else draws a queen.

King – “Rulemaster” This person makes a rule when he draws the King and everyone else must follow this rule for the remainder of the game.

Joker – “Wild Card” House rule

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