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Cheap Backpacker Meals

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How do you eat well but on a budget while staying in a Sydney Hostel? That is the million dollar question right?

When I first arrived in Australia I could not understand why everyone was cooking in the kitchen of their Sydney Hostels. Having arrived from South America and eating out every meal of every day, I found it very odd. Heading out to find a meal somewhere on my first night and seeing that a meal is the equivalent of one night stay in a dorm room I swiftly averted and headed to a Woolworths to browse the reduced section! I soon established that cooking in your hostel is by far the cheapest option.

Even better, get a group of people together and cook a meal for lots of people to enjoy. It always seems like too much of an effort to cook for only yourself, so the temptation to head to Hungry Jacks often takes over. Why not offer to cook for some fellow backpackers? You will be best mates in no time and with full stomachs as well. Awesome.

The next question is what to buy for your cheap backpacker meals.

The solution that most backpackers find to this question is pasta. Good old pasta. It doesn’t go off, it expands when cooked (less to carry to start, hurray!), it fills you up, and you can add pretty much anything to it and it will always taste OK! So go for it backpacker; add carrots, peas, sweet corn, pepper (or capsicum of you’re an Aussie), mushrooms, courgettes, the list is endless. Go mad. Stick it all in a pan and boil the pasta until cooked. Add a tomato paste or a sauce of some kind and you have a good, filling meal. Yum. Why not make a big batch of it and buy some Tupperware boxes so you can freeze a load and, therefore, never go hungry. Perfect.

Another foodstuff that I see quite a few backpackers living off is eggs. Scrambled, boiled, poached, fried: that’s four different meals already! Eggs are acceptable grub for breakfast, lunch and dinner so have versatility on their side too! Crack a few eggs in a pan, leave them on a low heat, add some tomatoes, onion, salt and pepper, and there you have a perfect omelette. And good news guys, eggs are full of protein and good fats that are good for our brains. You have permission to go egg crazy.

Backpackers will often turn vegetarian whilst in Sydney. This is often not of their own choosing, backpackers just do not have the funds to buy meat every day! So, grab a load of veges, chop them up and fry them in a pan with some rice. Add vegetable stock (or chicken or beef if you want to pretend there is meat in it) and keep frying and stirring until you have a vegetable risotto-esq yummy meal.

Ask around, see what others are cooking and how they keep their costs down whilst feeding themselves and staying in Sydney. It is possible not to spend a fortune on food in Sydney and eat good meals cooked by yours truly. Backpackers, it is time to find your inner Jamie Oliver (or Gordon Ramsey depending on how often you say the F-word)!

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