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Beating The Backpacker Blues

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Every Sydney backpacker is bound to feel a little homesick whilst travelling; sometimes the distance between you in Sydney and your loved ones can seem pretty massive. But that’s totally fine! It’s a-okay to feel a little low sometimes, but there are ways to beat these backpacker blues and feel great again and get ready to carry on living the dream!

Imagine travelling around the world 15 years ago when Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, Skype and all the other wonderful apps we use did not exist. It is hard to imagine not being able to log on to Facebook and check what is going on in the social world at home, or not being able to pop on Skype and see your loved one at the other end waving at you while showing you their new shoes or how rubbish the weather is. Social networking is amazing, so use it! Make the most of all this fantastic technology to keep in contact with home. Sometimes just talking to a family member or friend will give you the boost you need. A few words of support and love can work wonders!

Why are you feeling blue? Have a think about why you are feeling down, and then work on changing your situation to make it more positive and thus make yourself happier! If you are in a hostel that you do not like, or if you are in a place that does not thrill you, then move on. The great thing about being a backpacker in Australia is the freedom you have to do whatever you want to do! Pack up your rucksack and move on. Sydney is so well set up for backpackers that if you do not like somewhere there will always be somewhere else not too far away to visit and new hostels to stay in. If you don’t like it, get out!

Treat yourself. Buy yourself some really nice food or head out for a meal; a full tummy is a happy tummy and a happy backpacker. Visit somewhere amazing that you have always wanted to go to near to where you are. Get a group of backpacker friends together and organise a BBQ, a film night with some popcorn, or a night out partying. Spend a bit of time by yourself with your mp3 player, go for a walk, read a good book; do things that you enjoy and make you happy. If things have gone wrong, remember it is all part of the adventure, so go with the flow and stay calm; things will turn out for the best with a bit of planning and a positive attitude.

You may only get to do this amazing trip once. Stay super smiley and brag about your friends and family being at home and you backpacking in the beautiful Australian city of Sydney! More than 90% of your Facebook friends would rather be over here for sure, so make them jealous! It’s an experience of a lifetime, a journey that you will remember always, and something you will look back on with great memories of fantastic experiences. So embrace it, stay positive and live the dream.

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