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6 Different Ways To Eat 2 Minute Noodles As A Backpacker

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2-minute noodles. What a great invention: they’re cheap, a total Mummy’s Boy leaving home for the first time can cook them, and they fill a hole. My issue with 2-minute noodles, however, is that they can get a little boring; as a Sydney backpacker and having them every day for dinner can leave you with a monotonous, lacklustre feeling and your mother would seriously worry for your insides.

So! It’s time to mix it up! 6 different ways to eat 2-minute noodles. Here goes…

Noodles on Toast

Seems simple right? Whack your noodles in the microwave, whack the bread in the toaster, bish-bash-bosh, you’ve got yourself some noodles on toast! Job’s a good’un!

Noodles with Veg

Just missing your 5 a day? Feeling a little lethargic for lack of vitamins and healthy food to keep you going in the day? Why not grab some vegies from the supermarket on your way back to your Sydney hostel? Either boil them with your noodles or, if you fancy going a bit Jamie Oliver (although you probably won’t, you’re cooking 2-minute noodles), you could chop them up and fry them off in a pan. Beauty.

Noodles and Beans

Baked beans are awesome. Really tasty and also really good for you! Hurray for baked beans! Pop your beans in the microwave, pop your noodles in the microwave and once they’re both hot and cooked, mix them together for a tomatoey, beany, noodley feast up. Add a dash of ketchup for good measure.

Noodle Carbonara

Got any bacon knocking about? Why not fry up some in a pan along with some mushrooms and instead of adding the flavouring provided by the noodle company, add a white sauce and some cheese and there you have it! Noodle Carbonara!

Chicken Noodles

Rather than add the flavouring given to you, why not cook your noodles in some chicken stock. Fry some chicken and veg in a pan, and mix all together. A bit of salt and pepper. Yum. It’s almost like a restaurant meal!

Noodle Surprise

Are you leaving your hostel soon? Did your backpacker friends give you a load of food they didn’t want? A great way to use up any food that you don’t want- make Noodle Surprise! They great thing about this is you can just whack whatever you want in it! Who knows what you might come up with…

The possibilities are endless. Go wild backpackers! Don’t settle for average. Be adventurous and enjoy your 2-minute noodles. Remember, you only live once!

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