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5 Ways To Save Money While Backpacking Australia

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Backpacking in Australia – one of the most fascinating countries in the world endowed with a myriad of dazzling beaches, natural wonders, plenty of wildlife, unparalleled natural beauty, a vast coastline and captivating metropolises.  Australia not only matches every budget, age, taste or interest, but also delivers  unqiue travel experience which you may not get anywhere else in the world.

Here are some  of the top 5 ways to save money while backpacking Australia:

Ditch Hotels for Backpacker hostels

Booking a hotel can be quite expensive, and you will also have to spend a lot of money on eating out while staying in hotels, but, when you book a backpackers in Australia you have a safe, clean fun place to stay with a great location and you can cook your food in house saving you a tonne of money.

Look for Deals Online

There are a number of travel websites which offer travel deals with discounts – once you find a deal you like, try contacting the hostel or tour operator DIRECT as you’ll probably get a better price booking directly with them.

Travel Like Locals

Use the local public transport or WALK – it is much cheaper and is also a great way to explore the culture of the city or country you are visiting.  If you want to explore a new place to the fullest, it’s a good idea to live, travel, and eat like the locals.  In Sydney public trains, light rail, busses and ferries are very cost-efficient and will also give you an opportunity to interact with the local people, but walking is by far the best option to see all that is going on around you!

Use the Ride Sharing Apps

There are a lot of mobile apps which facilitate ride-sharing and other helpful ways to save money while travelling. Transportation can be a bit of an expense if you are visiting more than one city or want to explore the whole country of Australia to the fullest. There are many ride sharing websites, such as BlaBlaCar, which help you to easily find fellow travellers with whom you can share the expenses – but always use some caution as to who you share with!

Be Flexible With Your Plans

Do not book too much in advance and be a bit flexible, – backpacking is all about experiences  and you never mknow who you are going to meet or what opportunities you might find.

Many backpackers visit Australia only to explore the country, but some have started taking cruises! one of the rarest experiences on many peoples bucket lists.  taking a cruise from Australia offers amazing sightseeing opportunities and you can visit many of the nearby islands and have excellent adventures – and the good news is that if you are flexible with your dates you can get some amazing deals!! You can try My Cruises or P&O Cruises when you are in Australia to see whay kind of a deal you can pick up and it might just be one of the best experiences you have ever NOT imagined!


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