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14 Ways to Save Money in Australia backpacking

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Traveling Australia is fun – but if you’re not careful, you can easily blow through more than $100 per day. The good news is that there are lots of ways to save money in Australia while enjoying a variety of activities, eating well, and sleeping comfortably. Here are 14 of the best.

Consider Alternative Accommodations

A budget hotel can cost $100 or more per night. The best way to stretch your money is to seek alternative accommodations. Some to try:

  • Hostels
  • Camping
  • Home and Farm stays

Try Cooking for Yourself

As you’re deciding where to stay, consider amenities. If you can, select accommodations that include access to kitchen facilities so that you can shop at local markets and cook most of your own meals. If you’re camping, caravanning, or backpacking, enjoy great food by shopping for yourself and taking advantage of free outdoor barbecues.

When Eating in Restaurants, Skip Tourist Traps

Many of Australia’s restaurants are geared toward tourists, and are far more expensive than local spots. Ask people especially the reception staff at the hostel for recommendations, and give ethnic restaurants a try. Thai food is popular, inexpensive, and delicious, and it’s also possible to find great sushi at low prices. Fish and chips make for a quick, affordable lunch on the go, and many department stores include food halls where you can find good food at bargain prices.

Don’t Tip Unless You Want To

Tipping is the custom in many places. Luckily for you, Australia isn’t among them. Do tip if you feel that you’ve received excellent service, but stick to 10 to 15 percent. There’s no need to tip your bartender.

Budget Your Drinking

Pubs can be expensive! Luckily, you’ll spend less during happy hours, and even less if you choose to buy drinks from bottle shops.

Communicate with VoIP

You don’t have to spend a fortune calling Australia to make travel plans or chat with friends, and once you’re traveling, you can save money on calls home. Viber Out offers VoIP service that allows you to use your mobile, tablet, or computer to call landlines and cellphones alike, using the internet and avoiding expensive roaming fees.

Research International Flights Carefully

Depending on where you’re coming from, flights to Australia can be very expensive. Planning well in advance is one way to save, and looking for cheap last-minute flights is another.

Try Tactics for Saving on Overland Travel

Trains offer great views of Australia’s sweeping landscapes. While it’s possible to find bargains on this type of travel, other options may prove less costly.

  • Ridesharing
  • Internal flights
  • Buses

Another option is a campervan rental, which allows you to sleep comfortably and cook for yourself while enjoying overland travel. If you’re traveling as part of a group, this alternative will help everyone save money while enjoying Australian travel.

Enjoy Outdoor Attractions

A number of Australia’s top attractions are cheap or free to visit once you arrive. Scenic destinations such as Ayers Rock, Kakadu National Parks, and the Great Ocean Road bring opportunities for wildlife encounters amidst incredible scenic vistas. Australia’s National Parks are often suitable for camping. Fees are surprisingly low, and the experiences you have will be unforgettable.

Travel During Off-Peak Times

Many people opt to visit Australia during the summer months, which fall between December and February. Research your destination and determine when to visit based on weather and prices. A little compromise and flexibility can help you save on travel and accommodations.

Choose a Region to Visit

One of the best ways to save money in Australia is to focus on a particular region to explore. Not only will you spend less, you’ll also spend more time relaxing and less time jet-setting.

Don’t Overlook the Free Attractions

Many of Australia’s museums and attractions are free to visit, so be sure to enjoy a few during your trip. Do some research before your trip to determine which ones appeal to you most.

Negotiate when Shopping Open-Air Markets

If you’re from an area where haggling is uncommon, the practice of negotiating may feel uncomfortable. But it’s expected at open-air markets throughout Australia, even in Sydney! Bargaining is fun, and it will save you money.

Take Advantage of Free Public Transport

Why pay for a taxi when you can ride for free? Many cities offer free public transportation on buses and/or trains. Research to see which ones you can take advantage of, and you’ll spend less.





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