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Episode 13 : Top Free things to do in Sydney (Part 3)

For all backpackers in Sydney we have put together a series of FREE things to do in this wonderful city!! This is the 3rd Part of the series, where Meaghan a backpacker in Sydney tells you about her favourite things to do in Sydney that are FREE of charge!

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Episode 12 : Top Free things to do in Sydney (Part 2)

Top Free things to do in Sydney (2nd Part) There are many Things to do in Sydney – it is a really amazing city for Backpackers! Here in Part 2 of the series Read more

Episode 11 : Top Free things to do in Sydney (Part 1)

Sydney things to do for FREE!

Sydney is full of amazing places to see and things to do, and everybody loves things to do that are free! Read more

Episode 10 : Q and A for Backpackers by Backpackers in Sydney

Today we have a Backpacking Q and A by Backpackers living in Sydney they are all experienced travellers! Read more

Episode 9 : How to spend only $50 per week living in Sydney!

Some people claim that living in Sydney as a backpacker is expensive. Well, today Janie shows you how she enjoys Sydney spending only $50 a week and still having a great time! Read more