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Episode 22 : Travel the World – Why should YOU?

Thinking of Travelling the World? Want to go backpacking, but not yet sure? We asked some experienced travellers staying at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney what was their motivation to go travel the world. Read more

Episode 21 : How to be a good roommate in Backpackers Dorms

If you are staying in backpackers hostel dorm rooms you will need to be considerate of the people you are sharing with (your roommates) and they considerate of you in return.  One of the most important things to consider is yours and your room mates sleep!

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Episode 20 : How to get your 2nd Year Visa and Finding Farm Work

If you are planning to apply for your 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa you will need to find farm work (regional work).  This can be a tricky process and the reports we recieve back from people who have tried are not always positive.   So, in response, today we are giving you some common sense advice on getting your 2nd year working holiday visa and how to find farm work. Read more

Episode 19 : Tips on how to to be comfortable when flying

Flying is long and boring, but necessary when you want to travel the world!  IF you are a backpacker who wants to fly in comfort (and make those long flights go a little more quickly) then we have some flying tips to make you more comfortable!!

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Episode 18 : How to make friends in a Backpackers by Backpackers

If anyone knows how to make friends while travelling, its backpackers!! Most backpackers travel alone so they need to be open to meeting new people and making friends.   If you are worried about making frineds while travelling, DON’T BE!! We are here to help. Read more

Episode 17 : How will travelling change YOU?


For backpackers, the expereience of travelling is one of the world most enriching pursuits and cannot fail to elicit personal change.    It can be one of the most challenging, gratifying, revoultionary, scary, life changing expereionces that you can put yourself through.

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Episode 16 : What to look for when choosing a Backpacker Hostel

At the Jolly Swagman we believe Backpacking should be a fun and a worry free experience – thats why we strive to give our backpacker guests Read more

Episode 15 : Tips on How to get your 2nd Year Visa in Australia.

 If you are looking to get your 2nd Year Working holiday Visa for Australia, we have put together some tips and advice for you.  You will need to do some reginal work which many people think consists of fruit picking and farm work, but did you know you have many other options Read more

Episode 14 : Tips on How to Pack your Backpack!

If you are a new backpacker, or a traveller who always seems to have the heaviest backpack, you might need some tips and tricks on how to pack! Read more

Episode 13 : Top Free things to do in Sydney (Part 3)

For all backpackers in Sydney we have put together a series of FREE things to do in this wonderful city!! This is the 3rd Part of the series, where Meaghan a backpacker in Sydney tells you about her favourite things to do in Sydney that are FREE of charge!

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Episode 12 : Top Free things to do in Sydney (Part 2)

Top Free things to do in Sydney (2nd Part) There are many Things to do in Sydney – it is a really amazing city for Backpackers! Here in Part 2 of the series Read more

Episode 11 : Top Free things to do in Sydney (Part 1)

Sydney things to do for FREE!

Sydney is full of amazing places to see and things to do, and everybody loves things to do that are free! Read more

Episode 10 : Q and A for Backpackers by Backpackers in Sydney

Today we have a Backpacking Q and A by Backpackers living in Sydney they are all experienced travellers! Read more

Episode 9 : How to spend only $50 per week living in Sydney!

Some people claim that living in Sydney as a backpacker is expensive. Well, today Janie shows you how she enjoys Sydney spending only $50 a week and still having a great time! Read more

Episode 8 : Does our Backpacker staff member get NAKED? Part 2 -The Reaction


Backpacking fun – For fun, we candidly filmed the reaction when Ryan saw that he had been chosen as the Jolly Swagman Backpackers staff member that most backpackers wanted to see naked…. Read more

Episode 7 : Learn about working in a Backpackers in Sydney from the Jolly Crew.

Meet the staff members of the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney Hostel and find out what its like on the OTHER side of the desk

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Episode 6 : Whats Sydney like? Is Sydney a good place to visit for Backpackers



We asked several backpackers staying in Sydney – What is Sydney like? What do they think about Sydney. Is Sydney a good place to vist for backpackers? What are the best things to do in Sydney?


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Episode 5 : Are older backpackers welcome to stay in backpackers hostels?

Its controversial, but we asked it!! Is there an age limit to staying in a backpackers? Are older people welcome to stay in Backpacker hostels?? Do they fit in?

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Episode 4 : How to keep you stuff safe while staying in a backpackers dorm room while travelling.

Scouse Alan shares some common sense tips for keeping your valuables safe while travelling and staying in a backpackers dormitory. Many people wonder how they keep their belongings safe in a backpackers dorm room when travelling, so Alan, a seasoned backpacker, shares his tips.

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Episode 3 : How to Make Friends While Staying in a Backpackers Hostel

Just for fun, we asked some Jolly Swagman guests which of the (gorgeous) JSB staff members they would most like to see naked! Which backpacker staff member do you think they wanted to see naked? find out now…

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Episode 2 : Which Jolly Swagman Staff member would you most like to see NAKED??

Just for fun, we asked some Jolly Swagman guests which of the (gorgeous) JSB staff members they would most like to see naked! Which backpacker staff member do you think they wanted to see naked? find out now…

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Episode 1 : Jolly Swagman Guests talk about their experiences at the Jolly Swagman

Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney Hostel guests tell us about their backpacker experiences and staying at the hostel in Sydney. Find love, friends, fun and adventure during your hostel stay, and find out whats important in making your stay in a backpackers fun and enjoyable.

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